The letter Q is inducted with the MusiqHeals brand


Why I spell the word Music with the letter Q at the end…

When I created the concept for Music Heals I was going for music with the letter C. Well, I started my project and as I was creating the brand I saw it was already an organization called music heals. I felt it was meant for me to start this journey with music heals with this name in particular. I kept trying to work with the word music with a C but anything but what I mentally created for this brand was not going to work it was going to be forced so this is what I did…


I took a minute to sit and think about how it can still say musicheals. I thought of different ways to spell the word music. It was either going to be MusiK or MusiQ. I love the letter K as well… I will have to wrote a blog about that later (Laughs out loud). One of my favorite artists is Musiq Soulchild and while I was aiming to keep my social media handles uniform with the same name, Music with a Q popped up in my head! I checked the search engines and nothing was made with Musiqheals.

Just about everyone on earth that knows the American/English alphabet knows that the letter Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet. I like the Que’s (frat brothers). Did you know that the Roman meaning of the letter Q represents the number 500,000? Also, Q is a letter of royalty… Lastly, I like writing the letter Q’s in my handwriting and I am a Queen. There you have it! I created the brand and building the trend, #MusiqHeals to promote Virtual Music Therapy through music. Musiqheals the mind, body and soul if you allow it to do it for you it will… Enjoy the musiqal journey of #MusiqHeals…


Here’s a fun video with “musiq” about the letter “Q”.



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