Musiq Heals the Heart

Music really does heal the heart. People do not understand that when they are going through tough times in their lives that music is their savior. Some people prefer listening to classical to punk rock to change their moods. It depends on the person. I can personally speak for myself and how musiq heals my heart.


My Mother passed away on June 26th 2009. I was so heartbroken. I felt lost like a puppy who couldn’t find her way home. My heart was aching like the damage that a F5 tornado does to the earth. I couldn’t really cry because I know I had to be mommies little big girl and do what I had to do to make sure she was buried properly and that her business was taken care of. When death hits a family it is almost always some drama in the mix somewhere. Well, I have heard about it in other families but it hit home for me. It was so much going on that I couldn’t focus on what I had to do. Being a radio personality I had an extensive music catalog so I went in there to see what would help me stay focused and it was a gospel playlist that I had made earlier that year with some of my favorite gospel songs.


When I pressed play I was listening to James Fortune’s song, “I Trust You”. All of the music in this particular playlist had a different meaning to me from when I listened to it the first time. The lyrics in this song ministered to my spirit, mind and soul. I felt alone and at that moment I was alone. By the time the song was near the end I was crying my eyes out and praying that this pain would go away. I said that I trust the process for me to heal and to be able to forgive everyone that was hurting me around my mothers death. This song did it. This song healed my heart. The melody, the beat, the lyrics renewed my thoughts, freed my spirit and soothed my soul…


Every time I hear it I go back to that moment when I felt like I wanted to give up but I didn’t. I would like to thank James Fortune for this beautiful song that I can honestly say saved my life. Make sure you have a genre of music that you listen to that will take you to another place that will heal your mind, body. and spirit.

This is my story…



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